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Marshall Manor

Marshall Manor

At Marshall Manor, we understand that any illness or injury comes with a loss – the loss of independence, the loss of mobility, and sometimes, the loss of self-esteem. We welcome each and every short-term rehabilitation patient and long-term resident as a whole person, and our dedicated team works with them and their families to provide care based on their physical and emotional capabilities.


Marshall Manor offers individuals the opportunity to develop skills essential to restoring their independence. Treatment plans are tailored to meet each individual patient’s needs, and our professional team guides each patient through his/her plan of care, working closely with both the patient and family every step of the way.

Our rehabilitation department focuses on programs to reestablish activities of daily living for our patients and offers occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. Come visit us and see the Marshall Manor Advantage!



(903) 935-1908

1007 S Washington Ave

Marshall, TX 75670


(903) 935-7971

Check out the Marshall Manor Advantage

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