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Spring Branch

Spring Branch

The need for long-term care, skilled nursing or rehabilitation may not occur under ideal circumstances. A fall, stroke or brief illness can deprive us of our customary feeling of independance and security. Fortunately, there is help available through rehabilitation therapy at Spring Branch Care Center. Spring Branch is proud of our history in the community and treasure our relationships with residents, families, and staff. Our staff receives on-going training to provide licensed nursing care and achieve postibe outcomes. Spring Branch is your comprehensive healthcare provider offering: • Rehabilitation Therapy • Skilled Nursing • Long-Term Care • Secured Unit • Hospice • Respite Care.


The Clinical Team at Spring Branch will evaluate each resident’s unique circumstance developing individualized rehabilitation program and during treatments, therapists will work toward improving independence, strength and confidence. Common Diagnoses are Orthopedic Fractures, Joint Replacement, Amputation, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and Other Neurological Disorders, Respiratory Disorders, Dialysis Patients, and Trach Patients. Our state-of-the-art inpatient facility is the preferred choice for short-term treatment, incorporating a model of compassionate and high quality care. With specialized geriatric staff and an interdisciplinary team treatment approach, our focus is on treating the underlying condition and reducing symptoms, all within a calm and nurturing environment. 


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1615 Hillendahl Rd

Houston, TX 77055


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